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Follow YOUR Thoughts

I always do my due diligence on everything I write, by reading my posts, you agree that I do not take responsibility for any conclusions you draw or advice you take from my posts. In other words, you indemnify me from any losses you may incur and issues you may face.

Respect for all

I am committed to a globalized world and my mixed background and upbringing makes me further committed to diversity and a world free of discrimination. I respect people of all cultures, faiths and opinions and by reading my posts, you agree not to take any of my words out of context and if you want to quote me, make sure you put a link to my page and if you want to use me as a reference, you agree to indemnify me from any losses you may incur and issues you may face.

Me, myself and I

I am inspired by people and their stories. I am also inspired by organizations and their stories. These both stem from the fact that  there is a lot to reflect and learn from their experiences especially from those who have served us, the world and all communities, for more than 30 years of their life. Having said that, none of the stories I share with you are done in ill faith and none are meant to defame any of the parties mentioned.

In addition, no conclusion should be made based on my own affiliation, support or even lack of support, for any of the stories, individuals or organizations mentioned.

By reading my posts, you agree to hold me free of responsibility and harm towards any of the individuals or organizations featured. My posts and stories within them are for learning and reflection only and not for criticism.

Instances where organizations and/or individuals are featured as a spotlight depict that they are aware of my post and have been involved in reviewing and approving the post.