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You Carve Your Own Career Path

“Companies no longer offer people careers. People make their own careers” – Y Mansoor Marican

If you are currently working for an organization or hope to work for one, be aware that no matter how many opportunities are provided, the reality is that you are the one carving your own career path and it is not the company. Even if you are provided with a mentor, you are carving your own career.

Years ago, companies were interested in retaining their talent, providing them with opportunities for growth and learning. Companies progressed to worrying less about retaining talent and but still providing employees with opportunities to make them a preferred employer.

The reality now is that you are responsible for your career and one can neither expect to be provided opportunities nor are companies interested in being a preferred employer as there is a perception that there is more talent out there than there are opportunities.

The reality now is that you are building your own empire from education and experience and so to expect a company to sponsor your career growth, even if they say they will especially for early grads, you must always ask yourself,

is this what I want to do now and how does it fit with my long term vision?

and you must in turn be ready to answer why you should be hired.

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