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Personal Branding: A Reality Check


If the world you wish to know,Never by its speeches go. – Edward John Turnour

Just browse your LinkedIn updates … you will quickly see that people are either on panel discussions and speaking opportunities or trying to land panel discussions and speaking opportunities.

Besidesgetting having an opportunity to sell or test out new products or services, self-promotion is a wasteful ac

See a powerful and influential conference or two is something that is well worth pursuing or accepting. They communicate to others that you have ideas, products or services, that are worth knowing about and would make a positive difference. To spend most of one’s time in more than that makes one question the value that that person brings to the table beyond thoughts and outdated ideas.

For you see, if you are mostly speaking … when are you actually pursuing your goals which really matter in the long run?

It is common to now hear about the importance of self-promotion, but the reality is that the rules of success never change, persistently know and pursue your goals. Why self-promote if it is not critical to your goals? Why self-promote if it will not help one accomplish their objectives*?

Being “known” is not an objective …

Like everything else in your career, ask yourself, is what I am doing bringing me closer to my goals?

A personal brand isn’t the sum of tweets that people so mindfully post. It isn’t the pictures that someone chooses to share. That’s just a small part of a reputation. The most important — and the hardest — part is the collection of actions, decisions and work that a person does day in and day out over a long period of time. (As seen in the Entrepreneur, Oct 31, 2014)

*There was an article within HBR that talks about the reality of self-promotion.


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