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Hey Youth! Be the next “Penny”!

You don’t have to be foolish to be young – Anonymous

foolsOnly one thought came to mind watching Canadian Penny Oleksiak capture her medals at the Rio 2016 Olympics, “16 years old!”

People joke that the youth all think they want to be the next “Mark Zuckerberg” of Facebook. The truth is that while the youth might think that, even though it is literally a one in 7 billion chance, their behavior does not walk the talk.

Most of the youth I have come across laugh over petty things, are pessimistic, disrespectful to knowledge, impatient, image driven, taken care of and managed by their parents, etc… just look around! I am not eluding that there aren’t serious, assertive, respectful, patient, realistic, independent youth out there, it is just that those who want to be the next “Mark Zuckerberg” are the former whereas those who ARE going to be the next “Mark Zuckerberg” are the latter.

I always say that age has nothing to do with success. Just as the youth are key, the middle-aged are also key and even more profoundly, those over 60 … they are vital.

However, let us come to terms with one thing, there is no success without self discipline and respect for self and others … in any age.

Penny is 16 years old … it is not that she won medals, it is what it took to get there. She probably trains 6 hours a day and trains during holidays. She probably goes to school and takes schoolwork seriously for at the end of the day, she needs knowledge for her longer term success. She is aware of the commitment it takes to accomplish anything in life.

So youth? What’s stopping you? Why can’t you be the next “Penny” in Maths? The next “Penny” in literature? The next “Penny” in Engineering? The next “Penny” in Social Work? The next “Penny” in anything you choose!



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