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When Things Shift

Sooner or later my needs as the employer will change. If I now need an employee that is really, really good at managing other employees and you’re not, you’ll soon be off looking for another job. My needs changed, but you didn’t. – Richie Norton

shiftWe live in shifting times … but when has it not been?

It is quite interesting to see people worry about job losses when we have always had job losses.

Some may say, “c’mon, people are losing jobs everyday” … but people have lost jobs everyday since … forever.

But then some will tell me, “lost jobs, yes, but not in the 100s” … but in fact, yes it has happened, people have lost jobs in the 1,000s especially after major company failures in the automotive, financial, manufacturing, etc. industries.

What is different this time?

It is the philosophical position that once global financial markets seem to be facing a rough patch because of one thing or the other, everyone else jumps on that same bandwagon to benefit from letting go of people without question other than the assumption that it is “due to the economy” when in fact, it is due to wrong decisions made yesterday, bad management today, and lack of planning for tomorrow.

The reality is people lose money and make money, people lose jobs and find jobs, people become poor but people also become rich. We need to train our minds and hearts to really see things clearly – the world is exactly as it is – and we all move through it, in good and in tough times.

We are each responsible for taking our own careers in our own hands … and when we see trends shifting, we need to think about whether or not we are still doing what we want to do, and if not, find other jobs / create our own jobs / expand our learning and career. And if we are doing what we want to do, we need to think about if where we work is giving us that opportunity or will continue to give us that opportunity and plan accordingly.

Your career is in your own hands, plan wisely, move swiftly, and work accordingly.




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