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Series – What do I want to do?: Review your Week

We are what we repeatedly do. – Aristotle

repeatWhat do you do everyday? How do you spend your time? From the moment you wake up until the moment you sleep, what are you doing and how do you feel doing it?

Earl Nightingale said it best,

We are where we are because that’s exactly where we really want or feel we deserve to be and whether we’ll admit that or not (Earl Nightingale)

The truth is that it is our decisions that lead us to where we are. We choose x, we get y. We choose z, we get w. And so on.

It doesn’t mean that where we are is bad but it just means that we are where we are because our decisions led us there and if we want to change that, we must make some more decisions and if we are happy where we are, we need to embrace it and be the best we can be. So you see, it influences the plans we end up making.

The point to reviewing what you do everyday is that it carries with it indicators of what you enjoy doing, i.e. your strengths and talents.

So write down what it is that you do, from having breakfast, to carrying out your job responsibilities, to preparing the kids lunch, to talking o the phone, to the coffee you have with a colleague or friend, to the reading you do or movies you watch, pretty much everything. Every time you write or reflect on what you are doing, note whether or not you feel energetic and motivated or slow and demotivated. (You will find out in my next post how to make sense of these notes, so write everything down)

You will be end up able to categorize what you do in three, things that give you energy, things that don’t and life necessities and reuiqrements.

What you want to do is plan to do more of what gives you energy and less of what drains you.

So take stock of how you spend your hours and minutes for a week and you will see what you do today in order to know what to do tomorrow.

A quick note on life necessities and requirements. While some may want to reduce those, I say on the contrary, you must understand that taking care of your physical self is key to your best self. And maintaining relationships with others is critical to both your short term and long term health as being there for others in good and bad, means they will be there for you as well. The only tip is to choose family and those you genuinely connect with, i.e. where you are your genuine self, and practice kindness with all others.


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