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Series – What do I want to do?: The Goal

A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at. – Bruce Lee

goalOver time, this question has always come up, is the goal to be a “something or the other” by age “something”? Or is it to “gain some skill” or is it to “have a specific net worth” by “some date”?

What has rung more and  more true in my mind is that our main goal or destination is not an end state, for our lives don’t have a well known end state and for some, depending on their tradition, it is endless. In fact, having one destination or an end state may be limiting one’s own potential.

Instead, I often quote Earl Nightingale’s definition of success to what this goal is, to

always be “pursuing a worthy goal”.

So when it comes to answering the question of “what I want to do”, I look at it from the perspective of a state of mind, body and soul that I want to be in every morning I wake up.

… I want to be valuable;

… I want to make a difference;

… I want to be the star in my own life;

… I want to be self-dependent and reliant;

… I want to take action on the things that I am so passionate about;

… I want others to know what I passionate about;

… I want to know that every day I was pursuing my goals;

… I want to be “living” happy.

And that cannot happen unless one is waking up every morning pursuing worthy goal(s) not waiting to climb one mountain, or to have one job, or to have one thing, which means, the key is not stagnating at one goal, the key is to always set, review, define and pursue existing and new goals.

It is waking up every morning knowing exactly where you are heading which may be different than yesterday, and different than tomorrow.



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