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Series – What do I want to do?: Have a Plan

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. – Winston Churchill

planDo you feel like time is flying and everything is moving all around you while you continue to stand still without progress, without change, without energy and passion?

There could be many reasons, and only you can identify what the root cause is, whether it is fear, disadvantage, health, wealth, etc… more often than not, it is because one does not serve others in the best way they can – their own strengths and talents.

You might challenge me and say, but not all people have the advantage and ‘luxury’ to simply use their talents and “love what they do”. I challenge it back and say, why not? At least, why not have a plan to get there?

I have seen people stuck in jobs for income and family stability, and that is admirable, but what if they were able to enjoy the benefits of income and family stability but with progress, change, energy and passion? Impossible you say? Well, what have you done to go in that direction? Probably nothing. Well a plan would be the first step to finding another job, step by step.

Having a plan could change one from a sad and bored mom, to an energetic and endlessly giving mom.

Having a plan could change one from an anxious and constantly worried employee, to an energetic, responsible and reliable team member.

Having a plan could change one from a reactive complainer to all that happens around them, to a proactive action taking empowered member of society.

Having a plan could change one from a hopeless retiree, to a hopeful and energetic retiree ready to start a second career.

Planning sends the clear message to your own self that you are worthy of positive change and that instead of waiting for things to happen to you, you are going to take the driver seat and if plan A does not work, you can adjust and continue on plan B without ever losing focus on the goal.

So what should the goal be? Well before that, you need something else …

Before that, be honest with yourself and ask yourself today, “what am I doing today that moving me closer to an inner state of progress, change, passion and energy???” You will find that you are not doing anything at all and instead, waiting for things to happen to you.



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