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The Future Career is Interdisciplinary

Breakthrough innovation occurs when we bring down boundaries and encourage disciplines to learn from each other -Gyan Nagpal

mixThe days of the “single” discipline are over.

Having experienced the positive impact of interdisciplinary approaches to problems in both research and practice, and as policy makers and leaders in higher education review education domains to serve the future needs of national and global contexts, I have no doubt that the future is interdisciplinary.

There is no doubt that interdisciplinary approaches and views bring their own set of challenges, not only in that some disciplines are so far from each other in underlying philosophies, but also because the way those involved and specialist in specific industries differ in thought.

Having said that, people are naturally interdisciplinary and the greatest challenges we have today is that we push recent high school and University graduates to unrealistically focus on one strong area and leave another that carries with it a unique approach to solving problems.

I do not advocate, and neither is it possible to go for opposing or illogical combinations, but there are quite a lot of possibilities combining the Social Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Mathematics, etc…

Unless one sees the world as black and white, it makes sense to align ourselves with the reality of the world, that it is grey and multifaceted.



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