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Over 60? You are a gem!

And now, at 60, I simply want to share what I’ve been given. – Oprah

60In 68% and 74% of OECD countries (2012), women and men are, respectively, retiring under the official average age of retirement of 65, i.e. from 58 to 64.

While in my opinion 65 is already early enough for someone to be forced to retire from the official workforce, especially when they are productive and have significant knowledge that can only help, retiring even earlier presents even a greater challenge.

My expectation is that this number will continue to go down at least in the next 5 to 10 years as the economy declines to levels where offering “early retirement” is a sound corporate strategy.

The reality is that retirees have a lot to give and my concern lately has been that we are all playing a part in the decline of their emotional and physical states.

So what can we do?

  • As Corporates, don’t offer early retirement, but offer flexibility.
  • As Small Businesses, don’t offer products and services (unless they are you primary target customer), seek advice.
  • As students and early career entrants, don’t be arrogant, ask for their mentorship.

So what can those who are over 60 do?

In a time where corporates and businesses continue to under-appreciate and under-estimate the over 60s, I would suggest that one looks at their career not in terms of “jobs” but in terms of experiences. From real estate investment and fixed deposits, to hobbies and talents, without forgetting jobs and education, and ask themselves Earl Nightingale’s famous question , “how can I serve others?”

I urge all those over 60 to give back and yes – get paid for it !

Be an advisor!

Be a writer !

Be a contractor !

Be a part-time employee !

Be anything convenient to you … just give and serve others … don’t STOP!



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