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Success comes with Decision Making

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. – Tony Robbins


Interviewing and observing business owners, employees, employers, and subject matter experts, one thing stood out, success comes with each individuals’ ability to make decisions.

Those who made informed decisions, supplemented by consulting those with applicable experience, are those who were successful, i.e. on their way to achieving the goal they intended to attain.

Be it a high school student, recent College graduate, retiree or a stay at home mom wanting to generate income or return to the workplace, an experienced professional wanting a career shift or career advancement, it takes one decision to take action, another to set the goal and a few others to get there.

So missing any one ingredient from the key to effective decision making will be time and effort wasted. So ask yourself three questions:

1) What is my goal?

2) What are my alternative choices?

3) Who are the people and/or information sites I can consult to provide me with more alternatives and provide input on my thinking?

After choosing the alternative, decide on the specific steps needed to achieve your goal.

Avoid the confusion and make decisions that lead to clarity and even if they don’t work out exactly as you wished, I bet they will lead to something better.



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