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Recent Grads: Give Yourself a Chance

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. – Thomas Jefferson

grassRecent grads often become disappointed as they enter the working world.

Whether they work for a large multi-national organization or a small business, they often complain and see their job as “not where they belong”, and they start to look for something else in the process. This attitude starts anywhere from the first day to the first year of working for what is often, their first full-time employer.

The problem is that it is a disappointment to the expectations one has and a road that all successful people have traveled. Instead, what is needed is focus, taking up opportunities that come one’s way, and building one’s career vision.

Success is not about “where one belongs” in their first job, but it is the identification of where one is heading to and that cannot happen unless one sticks to the first job* for at least three years where one can have experiences and opportunities; good bosses and bad bosses; volunteering and long nights; along with courage and perseverance.

Looking for another job during your first job, seeking the “green grass on the other side”, will make you miss opportunities that could take you where you want to faster than any other job would*.

So stick to it, give it your all, and leverage off of all the learning opportunities you will get uncovering where your next steps should take you.

* Note that there are cases where this doesn’t apply, for example, workplaces with management that jeopardize opportunities and experiences.




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