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Career Path not clear? Make a list

Not every artist is a role model. – Iggy Azalea


One of the key action points mentioned by Dorie Clark in her book, Reinventing You*, is to make a list of people one thinks are doing interesting things (p. 7).

This piece of advice is not only simple, but it’s powerful.

Although she doesn’t specifically say it, I believe this point is all about acknowledging that no matter how much the world changes in terms of industry, technology, education and societal norms, the world does go round.

What looks like a profound generational change on the outside, is only different in details and “look” than those before us. So, no generation is superior or inferior to the other except in long-term positive impact, i.e. beyond the generation itself.

I did this exercise myself and found it to be quite interesting as I expected some people to show up, but didn’t make it on my list. Interestingly, those who did make it on my list, shared three to four common characteristics and ranged from Academics to Movie Directors and Philosophers/Scholars.

It validated the steps I am taking for the future, but it also made me confirm the things I need to focus on more than others.

What would I do with this list?

In addition to knowing their bios, I would probably listen to at least two to three talks, if available, to pick on catch words and thoughts that may be interesting for my future.

At any stage in your career, who is on your list of the 10 most interesting people?



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