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“You’re no longer looking for a job” – Liz Ryan

I want you to stop thinking about yourself as a job-seeker or a person in need … take a new persona. You’re a consultant now! You can start consulting tomorrow  – Liz Ryan


I read an article in Forbes (online) today, written by Liz Ryan, that triggered this post.

I am not going to say that I agree or disagree with this approach but what is clear is that the world will look much different five years from now if this is truly taken on by those seeking full-time jobs today (Imagine a world full of independent workers, high competition, and limited trivial roles).

Similar to Entrepreneurship, the concept of consulting is not for everyone. A lot of people don’t like to sell and don’t have the tools and knowledge to be a “consultant”.

Having said that, I can also see the positive side of changing one’s attitude from “I need a job” to “I can offer you this” instead.

What I do know for sure is that you can’t focus on both.

If you start thinking as a consultant – you are committed to doing the things that consultants do to survive in this market and grow. If you continue to think as a job seeker but with a twist, i.e. this is what I can offer as opposed to “please hire me”, you are committed to being clear on what you want and how you can benefit others focusing on potential opportunities and alliances that will bring you the job that you seek and more.



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