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Child a Comin’ = Career Over … it shouldn’t be

Within her first week (daughter of my own), I became consumed by the idea that my career was over – Katherine Zaleski

nowIt was really interesting, and almost fate, to read an article by Katherine today (quoted above) which happened to align with my post yesterday.

In such an eloquent manner, she basically outspokenly said what most new moms say or think to themselves but are too ashamed to admit it.

Believe me, not all moms who return to work are happy to go to the same jobs. And not all moms are happy to work the same hours. And not all are happy to stay unchallenged and bored or in the other extreme, challenged and judged. But all moms want to do well.

What I wanted to cover here is the underlying fear and negative self-talk that almost every new mom has … yes, almost every new “corporate professional” mom.

Even when she does go back into a job, she thinks in the back of her mind, ‘I am lucky I have this job’ … when she should be saying, ‘my job is lucky to have me’.

For all new moms out there …

your job is lucky to have you;

you are smart and have lots to give;

you can, and you will, find even greater challenge and success in your career;

while excelling at being a strong foundation for your family;

without having to give up what is important and without resentment;

believe it with the same passion you had for your pre-mommy career;

others will wish they were in your place; and

you will succeed! – HC

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