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The ‘Corporate-Home-Entrepreneurial’ Mom

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. – Ayn Rand

momThere are corporate moms, home moms, entrepreneurial moms and then there are those at the nexus of all three.

These are the moms who have spent more than 10 years in the corporate world with the last few years in leadership roles. These are the moms who were joyfully faced with motherhood that required them to spend more time at home whether due to inflexible working arrangements, lack of a community support system, parental values or simply a career that is not satisfying / stressful / limited learning and development. At the same time, these moms are creative, innovative, ambitious and have more to give and to serve others with that cannot wait until children have grown up.

So what do they do?

Some opt to open small retail and consulting businesses. Some opt for freelancing or temporary roles. However, what I have seen and experienced is that all of this is not satisfying enough given their abilities and capabilities. Of course, some find no option but to bury their potential.

So what should they do?

There is no magic answer to this question, however, they need to revitalize the same drive they had during their corporate years in getting together with women in the same predicament. They should also commit to never-ending and continuous learning and growth through the abundant avenues available today. They should also use their creativity and talent to create options that not only add value to the community and their own families, but empowers them to fulfill the role of motherhood in the same level of excellence that they had in their corporate careers.

More to be said on this but for now, I would urge these women to find each other as you never know what this will open up.




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