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The ‘Difference’ when it comes to success

People are where they are because that is exactly where they really want to be – whether they will admit that or not. – Earl Nightingale

LadderSuccess is relative and is dependent on the gap between where the person is at some point in time compared to where they thought they would be.

I have seen three conditions that people go through when it comes to success, when:

  • Achievements match the goals they have set for themselves
  • Achievements exceed their goals
  • Achievements are negatively different from the goals they had set for themselves

These conditions are independent of education levels, intellectual abilities, cultures, foundations of faith, age, social status,  wealth, and temperaments and personalities.

Those whose achievements matched their goals had a relentless focus on  implementing the necessary steps needed to achieve their goals without budging because of emotional, physical, family or financial reasons.

Those whose achievements exceeded their goals had a relentless focus and no fear of opening new and closing old doors. They also have the relentless commitment to an image of success in their own eyes as opposed to the eyes of others.

Those with a gap between their achievements and goals were, in varying degrees, relentlessly swayed by emotion. Shying away from asking and talking feeling like their destiny is in the hands of others, following the same plan even if all doors are closed and concerned about peoples’ impression of them.

I have personally experienced all three conditions and whether I like to admit it or not, it is our own making. Even though destiny plays a role, we also move in life by logic and reason, and unless we open doors and close ones that don’t work, and unless we push aside our pride and focus on our goals, and unless we put our emotions in check, we might wake up one day and regret the things we did not do.

Define your Goals ….

Take the steps to implement them …

Don’t fear anyone …

If something doesn’t work …

Find another way!


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