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What Recent Graduates can do TODAY

I found it difficult enough to get started on an independent life, but at least I had had long years of apprenticeship in those elephants ‘organizations’. How much harder it must be for someone leaving school with no organizations to practice in – Charles Handy

revealMany thought leaders and influencers are today pushing recent graduates towards Entrepreneurship and independent work, but what you need to know is to  …

Never confuse movement with action. – Ernest Hemingway

Action that is not supported by knowledge and passion is wasted time, and the choice is always yours.

Knowledge comes with experience and while it has always been known that some are born entrepreneurs, not all are and hence, one may not have the passion for independent work.

What you need to do today is seek opportunities to become exposed to other people, processes, technology, strategies, leaders and contexts in order to understand and discover your skills, competencies and passion.

Instead, and as a recent graduate, seek internships and seek to meet people who may be willing to give you an internship. It doesn’t matter what the type of organization is, small, medium or large, what matters is a role that has some link to what you studied for four years.

Seek as many as you can since you are already living on a limited income or at your “parents'” in any case, might as well make it count.

Instead of sitting around waiting for a job, find experience … change your request from a job, especially if you haven’t found anything for more than 3 months, to an internship.

And you never know, you may land a job or find yourself in the middle of an exciting opportunity fulfilling a hidden passion you had for independent work.

Seek on-the-job learning wherever it is.

Be strong. Be you. Keep moving.

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