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Are you an Innovator?

When all think alike, then no one is thinking – Walter Lippman

innovateThe reference to the role or career of an ‘innovator’ doesn’t come without footnotes.

From experience, most people do not know what an innovator is and seeing it transition to becoming a cliche these days, I thought I would share with you the characteristics of an innovator.

An innovator is someone who:

  1. Constantly thinks about how things could be done better
  2. Is committed to excellence
  3. Thinks deeply and widely
  4. Does not seek fortune, instead, seeks job satisfaction
  5. Rocks the boat
  6. Collaborates with others
  7. Take personal responsibility for all interactions and actions
  8. Covers all facets of innovation; process, product, service, societal, technological, and financial
  9. Over and above all, is a problem – big or small – solver

So there you have it, are you an innovator?




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