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Series – Take Control for the Search: Take the Elevator

elevatorAlthough elevator pitches have been typically used by entrepreneurs and sales teams, I find it critical to have in today’s fast paced and busy world, be it a high schools student, university student, recent graduate, retired professional or even women @ home!

When it comes to one’s career, and depending on the audience, one should have two pitches ready; one to explain our career history until today and one to explain what we seek in the future.

In preparing a pitch, both looking at various articles and guidance on elevator pitches and my personal experience in hearing others’ who have made a positive impression on me, one must answer five questions – all in under 30 seconds:

  • Who do you work for / who do you want to work for? e.g. I have my own business
  • What do you currently do / what would you like to do? e.g. selling flowers
  • Who are your customers / who would be your customers? e.g. to people who live in a certain area
  • What problem do you solve / what problem would you solve? e.g. there are no flower shops in that area
  • Why is it important / why would it be important? e.g. to make people’s special moments spectacular

There are many other versions that one can come up with and there is an abundance of information available online … just be prepared and have one or two ready to go.




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