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Series – Take Control for the Search: Stop waiting to be picked, you do the picking

I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies. – Larry Bossidy


Although some are now reviving recruitment within their organizations through their own internal recruitment team, there is still a seeming dependency on external recruiters.

The sad part is that external recruiters give the impression that they are the key gate keepers to jobs out there.

What we all must recognize is that at the end of the day, recruitment is a business, and unless it is an experienced, knowledgeable recruiter with passion for their role in the hiring process, which is usually the case for recruiters targeting the c-suite and expert professionals, it comes down to the money.

Yes, to get the money, recruitment agencies must find the right candidates, but they often seek candidates who tick all the boxes and ignore any that may bring something more to the table, i.e. potentially the best person for the job.

Recruitment agencies work on increasing their database of potential candidates arguing that there is a higher statistical chance of finding the right candidate because of their wide pool of potential ones and hence, are hired by organisations.

So how does this relate to you from a career perspective?

If you want a new job, research and seek who you want to work for, honestly examine what you bring to the table, what role you would want to be in and find a way to contact them on the inside.

Take control of your career destiny.

LinkedIn has removed a lot of barriers to communicating with others, from InMail to network introductions. The traditional way of writing to their general email also works along with applying directly onto their website. Networking has never been more important in a time when everyone digitally ‘looks the same’.

In parallel, the reality is that you would also need to ensure that your resume and LinkedIn profile simply ‘tick all the boxes’ of a potential job opportunity so that recruiters can find you.

Instead of waiting to be picked, you start doing the picking!




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