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What to do with our Spare Time

Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to. – Harry Emerson Fosdick

futureI know what you are thinking, what spare time?

Between a day of hard work, connecting with loved ones including family and friends, meditating, praying, sleeping to eating, where is this spare time?

We all have at least half an hour to spare or put aside on a daily basis as long we choose to ignore the TV, ignore social media, and let go of superfluous talk and gossip.

Social media, TV and gossip is never ending and can be retrieved at any moment, but time keeps moving on.

So what to do with the half hour?

One day, kids will grow up, retirement will approach, boredom will set in, 8 hours a night would be over-sleeping, and chores will decrease, so how do you see yourself living day to day in 30 + years? And that is the focus of the half an hour.

We each have our strengths and talents, and what we would all like to do in 30+ years is to do what we love to do everyday on our own terms and time!

To get there however, we need to envision that future, and use it to assess the experiences, education, and network needed to get us there.

This half an hour today, could make the greatest difference in the future.

Yes, sometimes (and you never know) this vision materializes early … and what could be better than that!



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