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Your talent is day to day

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. – Albert Einstein


So I picked up Marcus Buckingham’s book, ‘Now, Discover your Strengths’ as a refresher and thought to share something on talent.

The premise of the book is that one has a responsibility, in fact social responsibility, to identify, use and grow one’s own strengths as opposed to identifying and fixing weaknesses.

What I found interesting is that the book does not specify a specific job or role or action as a strength, instead, talents were words that provided a description of a set of values, behaviors and approaches.

Being ‘Strategic’, for example, is a talent, i.e. being able to see and approach situations and matters, comfortably weeding through complexity, in a way that finds and assesses possibilities and options … really? a talent?

Being able to weed through complexity may seem like is a matter of practice, but in fact, some do it more naturally and more easily than others … really? so how is this a specific enough?

Talent is not a specific job … it is a state of mind (thinking) and body (action) that some posses and some don’t.

Talent is applied in life, work and study.

Find yours … it could be one of the best things you do for a long time to come … from high school students to those in retirement … your talent can be applied at school, at work, in volunteering, at home, and simply, day to day life.

So sorry Albert Einstein, your humility won’t work here … your passionate ‘curiosity’ IS one of your talents!




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