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Which University to Choose?

linksThe faculty to think objectively is reason – Erich Fromm

Choosing a University for undergraduate or further education may be a tough one, but it doesn’t have to be.

Perfectionism aside, it really comes down to objectively finding a school that links what one wants to study, in the mode of study (part-time, full-time) and geographical preferences (if any) sought, with the reputation, values and strengths that one is comfortable with. Then it comes down to affordability and practicality.

Visiting the University and researching the University rankings, social media and digital presence, is quite effective in identifying the reputation, values and strengths of the school.

One definite way NOT to choose a school is emotional reasons. Choosing a school for ‘reputation’ only, ‘distance from parents’, or what I hear often ‘the social life’, is a definite way to start a career after high school on the wrong foot.

  • Reputation only may not serve you well in your choice of study especially when a University’s strengths do not cater to yours;
  • Distance from parents may lead you to decisions that do not cater to your true calling; and
  • Social life … well, that is something found everywhere. Besides, choosing a school objectively will most probably lead you to a school where you have more in common with others than in another

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