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If running your own business is a no to an MBA, then what?

ImmerseIn terms of jumping into a character’s skin, I try to immerse myself in the role as much as possible to bring me closer to them. All I do is what’s required to achieve what I want to achieve. – Dougray Scott

I spoke earlier of the decision to do an MBA, and as I was once luckily advised, one does not need an MBA to run a business.

An MBA is too expensive of an investment that will not reap benefits to a business owner in the short to medium term. Even with some today who are offering an Entrepreneurship focus, it is still an expensive investment that will not reap benefits to a business owner especially when a business owner is still in their early career or is ‘thinking’ or ‘planning’ for a small business.

So if it is not an MBA, what prepares one for a small business?

A ‘Real business’ MBA … by immersing oneself in one!

Work in one … advise one … volunteer in one … whatever it may be, immerse yourself for at least two to three years … and you will know if it is for you and you will learn while benefiting the business owner with your time and skills.

You might ask me if it has to be in the same field of your potential business, ideally, yes, but it doesn’t have to as long as your strengths are being used. As I observed many small businesses, running a business is the same in any industry with a difference in sector specific rules, regulations and practices. A quick learner, and an ambitious person, would be able to see the difference.



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