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To MBA or not to MBA, that is the question

MBASome think, that an MBA is the next step to career growth. Others think, that an MBA is no longer a competitive advantage with the oversupply of MBA graduates. Others believe that an MBA is nice to have but not a priority given unemployment concerns and high cost of MBA degrees.

My advice, barring affordability, is to pass down advice I got when I was still in my last year of my Bachelors degree from my Professor in Entrepreneurship, for Engineers.

To do an MBA depends on why one needs it and what one plans to do in the future. An MBA provides students with the knowledge to understand and apply the latest thought on business, financial and operational management and definitely not one to run a business. In other words,

  • Want to run your own business? -> No to MBA
  • Have a technical degree and your future role will involve taking on business, financial and operational management? -> Yes to MBA
  • Want to get a promotion, prestige or status? -> No to MBA
  • Want to do a doctorate? -> Maybe MBA … depends on doctorate focus

So if it is a ‘no’ to MBA, what to do? Will explain that in the next post.



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