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Search your diamonds for life after unemployment

diamondsYou are, at this moment, standing, right in the middle of your own ‘acres of diamonds’ – Earl Nightingale

Being unemployed or stagnation in one’s career is not easy to handle especially when one has ambition, energy and knowledge to share with the world and serve others.

Based on my research, there are four key pointers that serve well in this situation for anyone …

Firstly, one should ‘never stop walking’. Just because you are unemployed or stagnant in your job, it does not mean you stop moving. Continue to expose yourself to opportunities and people be it conferences, training, libraries, volunteering, even in your own job, anything.

Some use the excuse that some of these are costly, but that is not true … the amount of open-source training is more than sufficient … volunteering is free … meet ups and professional meetings are mostly free … some conferences are free … be on the look out.

The second point is to ‘take stock of what you know and what you do best’ (your diamonds) irrespective of University degree and training. This takes courage, courage to stand back and respect and appreciate the talents and abilities that one has beyond a University degree from being able to draw and design to being able to manage and advise people.

Inspired by Earl Nightingale, the third point is to ‘brainstorm ways you can serve others’ using your ‘diamonds’. Earl Nightingale suggests 30 days but in reality, once you start, you quickly start to see what may or may not work based on the resources at hand and your own current context.

Finally, ‘take action’. Don’t sit idle! Ignore the money or status or anything else you desire, take action and it will come.

The four keys to unemployment and stagnation …

… never stop walking … take stock of what you know and what you do best … brainstorm ways you can serve others … take action


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