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TempAs mentioned in the post on influence,  there are generally four temperaments that people are born with, with at least two dominant behaviors (few balancing three or four), that do not change throughout one’s life. What changes is character and preferences.

I am sharing general outlines of these temperaments based on a lecture I heard and I suggest further reading for those interested in more understanding (probably those melancholic dominant).

Sanguine – popular, visible emotions, sociable, makes acquaintances quickly, leader, analytical, love people and tend to be socially driven and easily forgetful, talk with their hands, moody, high self esteem

Phlegmatic – comfortable in a crowd but prefers one-on-one, peaceful, slow in making decisions, logical, love people and remembers details that others forget, may compromise things for people, listeners, resilient, good counsellors, not good team leaders

Melancholic – highly emotional but not expressed, goal driven, can be apathetic to people, can see things deeply with all imperfections, perfectionists, inward driven and tend to analyze people, intense deep thinkers, easy to be alone, sensitive, long term memory, low self esteem, introspective

Choleric – short term goal and project driven, decisive, leader, logical, powerful and strong, task oriented and is outward driven, strong-minded, focused, high social intelligence for project fit and not for relationships, articulate, loyal, passionate, high self-esteem, excellent leadership in times of difficulty

——————————————————————————————-Having seen this overview, you can recognize your and others’ dominant temperaments.

Use it carefully and use it wisely … it will give you clarity and insight to influence, integrity and team dynamics.



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