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Not Balance … Life

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― Confucius

LifeI have NEVER experienced work-life balance in the generally accepted sense.

A dictionary would typically cover ‘balance’ as either balancing of two equal weights / amounts or the ability to move without falling over.

Balancing hours at work with hours in ‘life’ or balancing effort at work with effort in ‘life’ is unrealistic as it would mean sleeping at 1 am +++. Taking weekends running chores not done during working hours is not just and expecting equal energy levels and mental states in the day and night is not possible. The question that comes to mind however, what is ‘life’ and why do we seek to balance ‘work’ with ‘life’?

Without getting too philosophical, I reflected on my experience and saw that work is part of life and is not an opportunity cost that one has to balance like demand-supply curves. So the goal itself of balancing work and life is not possible and hence, not right.

Instead, there is living life assertively, aware of the choices we make in our life and careers, choosing jobs and/or businesses that are in line with our strengths, abilities, capabilities and life vision and everything else in life will come in ‘balance’ keeping us moving without falling over.



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