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Lucky you are

We are living times where humanity has never been so connected with access to a vast amount of knowledge and opportunities at a click of a button.

SeeAs mentioned on the main page of this site, I have heard women at home say that they envy women who work because they have ‘found themselves’.

Staying at home does not stop women from finding themselves, in fact, if one cannot find themselves at home, I doubt that the workplace, where there are tough deadlines and plenty of wasted time sitting in unproductive meetings and social gatherings, will help.

I would say that women who have the lucky and privileged opportunity to be stay at home moms at some point, actually have more to offer to the world. They have the opportunity to build stronger homes, powerful new generations while also having the time to discover themselves and pursue their own goals both short and long term.

Literally, pursue your goals … be creative … don’t let staying at home be a low point in your life or even a point to regret. Study, do courses, do some consultancy, plan for your future business, clarify your life vision in the long term and be ready to answer the question ‘who are you?’, do something from home, think about what skills you have and what you can offer others and think about your family and children who you are so good at managing and providing for.

Don’t be afraid of people’s judgement, most of them, wish they could be in your shoes.



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