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Today’s Rush

picIn today’s world, you are either in business, to be in business, studying a business, supporting a spouse in business, advising a business, and so forth … today, we are witnessing one of several periods of growth for independent Entrepreneurship.

Given that we are all Entrepreneurs, today’s rush for what I call specifically independent entrepreneurship, i.e. paying yourself for taking on new projects and challenges, is primarily driven by the need to diversify incomes in light of the perceived global financial and corporate challenges. However, one of the observations is that existing employees, in what seem as perfectly good jobs, and in businesses that are actually doing quite well, are part of this rush! Yes, it could be rising costs, personal dreams and goals, but setting up a business is not a simple investment or venture, so unless one is ready to sell their product or service from day 1, why do existing employees feel the rush to get into this race?

As I looked up famous quotes about Entrepreneurship, the majority of those quoted never owned businesses! Or if they did, they were employees of another as well. Interestingly, one who is known to be an independent Entrepreneur, sees business ideas as ever flowing with no need to rush!

Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.”  – Richard Branson

So let us think wisely about independent Entrepreneurship and see it for what it is, a perceived rush and a call to pursue the desire for independence NOW … just like one wants to buy the latest gadget or clothing when one may or may not have the money for it.

Let us do the best we can, in the roles we are currently in, with a clear focus and long term vision for a specific line of expertise together with solid financial plans, and a dream – many in fact – for our independence, but only when it is done right and done well!

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